Summer break with a great wedding


The summer is going so fast. 6 weeks ago we came back from Guinea and last week Mirjam took off to join the ship in The Congo. We’ll get back to this later but first things first. When we got back Mirjam’s baby brother Melvin was getting married with his lovely girl Anne-Bet. I had the privilege to do their photo shoot. It seemed that it was the first day that the summer actually kicked in. It was the best day of our Dutch layover. I have to give some credits to Stefanie Tan. She took some awesome pictures too. You can find some of her work on

Next thing will be the wedding of Jeff and Sarah in Dallas, Texas. Whoop whoop! I’m not sure how to describe my excitement.


Melvin & Anne-Bet

3 thoughts on “Summer break with a great wedding

  1. Wat heerlijk dat jullie dit allemaal mee konden beleven en ja, met zulke mooie mensen lukken foto’s natuurlijk (bijna) altijd. Mooi Ruup!

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