“We just want to thank you for every ounce of energy you have put into this trip. Without you we wouldn’t have a job to do on this big white ship.  And more importantly we wouldn’t  be able to change lives. Each person you have the upportunity to come into contact with will be changed by this experience, and we know that you also will be changed. Thank you for reaching out, and finding those hidden away. Without you all so many would go without the opportunity of a life transformed. THank you for giving them that gift and for giving us the chance to serve alongside. We are proud of you and praying for a safe return. Your AFM Family.”

This note we got on the plane when we started our upcountry trip.

In humility  I’m pausing to reflect and receive this message from my Africa Mercy Family. Knowing that I’m the one that should be thankful for them standing behind me. Thankful for my friends and family that are standing behind Ruben and me, and the work that we’re doing. Thankful for the fact that I’m priviliged to use my skills and passion to help beautiful people in Africa that are as important as I am.

Last weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about my ‘holy discontent’. Let me explain this to you. After a good conversation with one of my best friends, we were talking about everything that is going on in the world. Sometimes we become overwhelmed by all the problems, poverty and need in the world. It feels that there is a disconnection between the need that I see, and  my ability to do something about it.  Truly… for God’s sake… where to start…..
My friend told me that I have to start where my ‘holy discontent’ comes from. What is stirring my heart up. What is it, that makes me angry, but for a good reason. A righteous anger. What is breaking my heart.

If you can figure out wat your holy disconent is… than it would be likely that you will find your mission and the mandate on your life. Rather than letting your holy discontent defeat you, you can use that rightouess anger to make a difference.

This is what my ‘holy discontent is’. The fact that not everyone has access to healthcare. The unequal treatment of the rich and the poor in the world. The fact that so many people are not willing to share their knowledge at places where that knowledge is needed. That’s why I’m here. And that’s why I’m travelling around Congo the next two weeks.

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  1. Hi Mirjam & Ruben,
    Well… in English my reply ;-)
    Thanks for sharing again! Hope and pray you can help a lot of people with your team by the help of God! The next coming weeks and months.
    greetings Irene

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