My Birthday on a Mercy Ship

Hello my wonderful friends.   (Voor Nederlands klik hier)

Today is my 30th birthday – quite a milestone. Days like this always bring time for reflection on life’s biggest blessings, so today I can’t help but celebrate YOU. Whether you’ve supported me with friendship, donations, prayers, or baked goods – thank you.

It is because of your support that I am able to spend today on a ship bound for Africa.If you had asked me long ago, I might have said that 30-year-old Ruben would probably wake up with an incredible job that brought an income and stability would have been one of the core values. Turns out that that prediction would only have been half-true. Because while I do have an incredible job, Mirjam and I couldn’t do what we do without your generous financial support.

In celebration of my 30th, I humbly invite you to help us keep working in Africa by supporting us. Here you can see how. With every dollar and every prayer, Mirjam and I are forever grateful.

I’ve always thought the grass looked greener on the other side of 30. I may only be one day in, but I look around at my friends near and far who love me and I can’t help but think that I am a really lucky guy. Thank you for supporting me in my next year. Cheers to 30! The grass here is greener indeed, actually it’s greener where you water it.
Ruben is jarig
Text edit by Catherine Clark Murphy

2 thoughts on “My Birthday on a Mercy Ship

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