VSCO Journal by Ruben Plomp

It’s that email that ends up in your inbox on a Monday morning from VSCO. First you think it’s another news letter or something like that, but once you open it, you realise that your day couldn’t have started any better.

Hi Ruben,

My name is so and so, I’m an editor with the VSCO Journal. We at VSCO love the images in your Journal post, Face Africa. Almost every week, we highlight a selection of Journals we’ve found to be exceptional. We would like to highlight Face Africa II this week, if you’re open to it.
Uhm, let me think…. YES! VSCO is a platform for photographers/ artists. There goal is to honour art and artist while fuelling a worldwide creative movement through innovative tools and experimental projects.

Over the last year, I took many photos for Mercy Ships. One of the things I love to do, is to portray people. It’s more intimate then the ‘fly on the wall’ photography that takes up most of my time. You often see people opening up and ‘share’ their story with you. It’s an exciting challenge to visualise their story with dignity and integrity. I feel honoured that VSCO picked up on that and that they wanted to share the stories of those who are not on the cover of Times Magazine and those who not make it to a hospital, because no one has ever heard of them or seen them. Each patient I took a photo of represents a piece of Africa. To me, they are the face of Africa.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 00.31.03

I know it’s not an award or something but it’s a great opportunity to raise awareness amongst a new community that might have never heard about Mercy Ships or the people this continent belongs to. Thanks VSCO.

Check the photos here.

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